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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Small Acts

      I have grown to appreciate more people who are truly kind.  Good people who give without any thought of reward.
     I don't usually watch t.v., but when I do one of my favorite shows is "Kindness Diaries".  In that show the host believes that even with all the bad that is in our world, there is enough good to make the world go around.  He literally travels around the world relying on the kindness of others and along his amazing journey he proves just that.  That there is enough kindness is our world.  I too believe that.
      I was reminded of that as I heard stories of others helping each other in the midst of the hurricanes recently.  I was reminded of that when a neighbor and friend, who was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, bore a powerful witness of God and all things good.  I was reminded that as my friends pitched in extra to help me put together a children's program for our church.  And I was reminded of that as I watched my 4-year- old give everyone hugs during family prayer.

    I pray I may always be kind.  That is my hope each day I have the chance to live here on Earth.

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  1. i Love to read your deep thoughts Cecily. They are beautiful and so are you!