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Monday, February 26, 2018

Postpartum and Peripartum Depression Help

      I have wanted to write about this for a while since some of my sweet friends have just gone through this.  oh it is so hard, especially when you want to just enjoy your baby.  
I have gone through postpartum depression almost every time I have had my sweet boys as well as peripartum depression during my pregnancies, but not all the same degree.

     I didn't know what they were, in fact I only knew of postpartum because of my sweet mom 16 years ago who talked to me about it.  But peripartum- nope.  I just knew I also experiences great depression during my pregnancies.  My pregnancies have always been very difficult, but I'd take the IV treatments, being sick all 9 months, and other complications I have had to endure over the difficulty of the depression.  That is to me the harder than any physical ailment I have had.  And it is so misunderstood and stigmatized.  

     So please know, if you struggle with one or both of these things- you are NOT alone.  And it is very difficult and very real.  And there is help.  

     I just read about a sweet mother named Emily who also experiences this.  My own postpartum experience is in my own story on this blog.  Emily's is found below:

Emily's story

My prayers are with you my friends.

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