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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Angels on Earth

    We have been told that service is one of the most powerful medicines on Earth.  That when we loose ourselves in the service of others,  we will find ourselves.  This is true! But I also know there needs to be purpose and mindfulness in our service in order for those blessings to come.  When we serve out of duty it only really serves ourselves.  When we serve so others can see how good we are- it only serves ourselves.  But when we quietly go about serving and loving, praying and giving- that's when service acts as a protection from our own discouragement and trials.  And service always begins with Him- our Savior Jesus Christ in whom all good things come from.  I believe in this life we are not meant to be healed from all our afflictions, but rather we are to learn how to serve and be good in the midst of them.  That is when there is power. That is when hope comes in it's entirety.  And that is when we have literal angels here on Earth.  

As Neil L. Andersen said, "The wounded who nurse the wounds of others are God's angels on Earth."  

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